Naturopathic Doctor Calgary

Dr. Alexa Birdgeneau, Naturopathic Doctor

Calgary Naturopathic Medicine: Your Path To Holistic Wellness

Healing the body by natural means is the goal of naturopathic medicine. Herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, acupuncture, and dietary advice are just a few modalities that naturopathic medicine may draw on.

Naturopathic medicine aims to heal the patient as a whole, not only their physical ailments.

Naturopathic doctors may take as much as two hours to complete an examination. They will inquire about your medical background, mental state, and daily routine.

After that, they’ll talk about your health strategy. They may recommend diagnostic testing, dietary changes, herbal medicines, lifestyle changes like getting more exercise or reducing your stress levels. Hands-on treatments such as acupuncture, joint manipulation, and reiki may be incorporated into your treatment plan.

At Phoenix Massage & Wellness, our naturopathic doctor offers comprehensive, holistic care tailored to your individual health needs in order to provide you with the best possible care and support.

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"Trust the hype when it comes to this place, these people know what they are doing. One of the best experiences I had here. Amanda did an excellent job of taking out the knots and tension from my back. Chase also did an excellent job
Definitely going to be a regular here."
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Guiding Principles of Naturopathic Medicine In Calgary

Disease prevention and health promotion

Disease prevention and health promotion:

  • Naturopathic Doctors assess risk factors and hereditary susceptibility to disease and make appropriate interventions to prevent illness.
  • Health is more than just the absence of disease; health entails daily functioning on the highest possible levels, and is obtained by proper nutrition, exercise, a balanced lifestyle, positive emotions, thoughts and actions.
Treat the whole person

Treat the whole person:

NDs take into account not only your physical symptoms but also mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social, spiritual and other factors.

Doctor as teacher

Doctor as teacher:

NDs aim to help patients to understand the factors that affect their health and help them balance and become more capable of maintaining their own health.

Treat the cause

Treat the cause:

The primary goal of a naturopathic doctor is to determine and treat the underlying cause rather than simply managing or suppressing their symptoms.

The healing power of nature

The healing power of nature:

NDs work to restore and support the powerful and inherent healing ability of the body, mind and spirit and to prevent further disease from occurring.

Do no harm

Do no harm:

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) aim to use effective treatment methods that minimize the risk of harmful side effects, and they avoid harmful suppression of symptoms.

Source: Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).


Why People Come to Phoenix Massage & Wellness?

Unique Approach


Our unique approach to wellness includes a focus on the mind, body, and spirit. By providing massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, and life coaching, we seek to empower our clients throughout the wellness journey.

Competitive Pricing


We believe that wellness should be affordable for everyone without minimizing value for professionalism and convenience. The combination of our services is unique compared to our competitors and we offer direct billing to make it easier for everyone.

Professional Team


Our team can help you achieve a better lifestyle no matter your past experiences. We are friendly, honest, caring, and confident in our abilities to help you through whatever your circumstances may be.

Flexible Services


Whether you are interested in massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, or life coaching; we can develop a plan that is right for you. Personalizing your treatment is what we do best!


Serving Clients From the NE to the NW, We are Professional Therapists in Calgary

At Phoenix Massage & Wellness Clinic, we want you to take positive steps in your life so that you can become the person you want to be. We believe that by providing you with a platform to express yourself, you can take on life’s challenges with a positive attitude.

When you need a therapist in the NE or NW of Calgary, reach out and book an appointment with Phoenix Massage & Wellness. We’re ready to welcome you with open arms.

Professional Therapists in Calgary

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"Just writing a quick point form review.
Receptionists are fantastic, super friendly, and helpful.
Practice is kept extremely clean (before & during COVID restrictions).
It's super easy to reschedule or cancel an appointment if you ever need to (in-person or online portal)."
- Erik P

What Types Of Treatment Are Provided At Naturopathic Clinics Calgary?

Calgary Naturopathic medicine offers various treatment modalities to address multiple health concerns and promote holistic well-being. These modalities include:


  • clinical nutrition
  • herbal medicine
  • homeopathy
  • acupuncture
  • physical medicine
  • lifestyle counselling
  • hydrotherapy
  • Massage therapies, and more.


Each type of treatment is carefully selected based on the individual needs and goals of the patient, with an emphasis on addressing the underlying causes of illness. Using multiple approaches, the best naturopathic doctor can create comprehensive and personalized treatment plans to support the body’s natural healing abilities.

Who Should See A Naturopathic Doctor?

Calgary Naturopathic medicine is suitable for individuals of all ages and backgrounds seeking natural, holistic solutions for their health concerns. Whether you are dealing with a specific condition, seeking preventative care, or looking to optimize your overall well-being, a Calgary naturopathic doctor is here to assist you. From infants to adults, their comprehensive approach addresses the underlying causes of illness, promoting healing and restoring balance in the body.

The state of our minds impacts the way we feel, think, and behave. It’s vital to our health and happiness. But Calgary’s naturopathic medicine can benefit everybody. The following are some of the most common reasons people should visit naturopathic clinics in Calgary.
  • You need a physician who will not just treat you but your illness as well.
  • Instead of just medicating the symptoms, focus on what’s causing the disease.
  • You suffer from chronic aches and pains but are tired of using pharmaceuticals indefinitely.
  • You have exhausted the standard medical channels for diagnosis and treatment.
  • You desire a tailored approach to your treatment
  • Chronically ill with symptoms that no one has been able to pin down

What Are The Symptoms That Indicate You Should Visit Naturopathic Clinics Calgary?

Advantages of combining conventional therapy with holistic, non-invasive treatments found in naturopathic medicine. Following are the conditions that a naturopathic doctor in Calgary may help you:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Sleep disorders (Insomnia)
  • Digestive Health
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Allergies and skin conditions
  • Chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia

What Can a Calgary Naturopathic Doctor Do For You?

To help your body heal and thrive on its own, a naturopathic doctor will zero in on and remove any specific obstacles you’re experiencing. However, everyone has a unique concept of what constitutes good health. A naturopathic physician will examine your history of symptoms to determine the root cause of imbalances and the most effective treatment options.

Personalized Treatment Plans:

At phoenix massage, our best naturopathic doctor in Calgary takes the time to understand your unique health history, lifestyle, and goals. This personalized approach allows us to develop comprehensive treatment plans that address your specific needs, focusing on the root cause of your symptoms.


Holistic Approach:

At naturopathic clinics Calgary, the doctors emphasize the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit. A naturopath doctor aims to promote long-term health and wellness by addressing the whole person. Our therapies encompass various modalities, including clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, lifestyle counselling, and more. 


Chronic Disease Management:

Our Calgary naturopathic medicine services excel in managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune disorders, and digestive issues. By utilizing natural therapies and empowering you to make informed choices, a naturopath Calgary doctor strives to improve your quality of life and reduce reliance on conventional medications.


Preventative Care:

Naturopath Calgary focuses on prevention as the cornerstone of optimal health. A Naturopathic doctor will work with you to develop strategies to prevent future health problems and enhance your overall well-being. Addressing potential risk factors and promoting healthy lifestyle choices can help you achieve long-term vitality. Traditional medicine often treats symptoms in isolation, but naturopathic medicine takes a holistic approach. 


Natural Therapies:

A Naturopathic Calgary doctor employs natural therapies to promote wellness, utilizing safe, non-toxic, and effective treatments. These therapies minimize side effects and work synergistically with your body’s biological processes to restore balance and enhance overall health. 


Patient-centered Approach:

A naturopathic doctor focuses on you as an individual, taking the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and involve you in the decision-making process. They believe empowering patients with knowledge and understanding leads to better health outcomes.

The Tremendous Benefits Of Naturopathic Medicine Treatment

The best naturopathic doctor in Calgary will take the time to get to know you and your health and lifestyle practices. The naturopath can then use this data to formulate a treatment strategy using various techniques, such as massage therapy, Reflexology and Reiki, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and acupuncture, to help you recover health.


The Primary Purpose Of Naturopathic Medicine Is To Keep People Healthy

Comprehensively improving health is the primary goal of naturopathic care. The sickness is investigated thoroughly at naturopathic clinics in Calgary, and your lifestyle is considered as a whole to recommend a treatment plan.


Naturopathic Medicine Is An Excellent Resource For Learning About Your Anatomy

Naturopath Calgary helps you meet your body’s demands. Maintaining a healthy internal balance enhances your body’s natural ability to resist infection and sickness.


Naturopathic Medicine Is Compatible With Conventional Western Medicine

It is common practice for naturopathic doctors to collaborate with their Western medicine counterparts to plan treatment for patients with severe or chronic conditions. They can also suggest a detox diet as an all-natural wellness regimen.