Deep Tissue Massage Calgary

Deep tissue massage focuses on the muscular layers and adjacent tissues. It is used to treat sports injuries or chronic discomfort. It’s perfect for areas that are always tight and contracted, such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and aching shoulders. Phoenix Massage and Wellness YYC offer the best deep tissue massage in Calgary.

Deep tissue massage is typically used to treat the following conditions:

  • Pain
  • Chronic Illness
  • Mobility Issues
  • Postural Issues
  • Pain from osteoarthritis
  • Muscle spasm or tension
  • Injuries and Recovery (e.g., whiplash, falls, and sports injury)
  • Injury from Repetitive Strain (carpal tunnel syndrome)

The Benefits of Having a Deep Muscle Massager in Calgary

It’s been shown that deep tissue massage improves muscle function and range of motion, reduces discomfort, and breaks up scar tissue and adhesions. When muscles are strained, they block oxygen and nutrients, causing inflammation and the accumulation of toxins in the muscle tissue. A deep tissue massage may aid in loosening muscle tissues, releasing toxins from muscles, and appropriate blood and oxygen circulation. You must drink enough water afterward to help your body eliminate these toxins. Getting a deep muscle massage in Calgary:

  • Reduces discomfort
  • Improves your posture
  • Improves your flexibility and looseness painful adhesions
  • Improves movement fluidity
  • Restores the tissue’s metabolic state

How is a Deep Tissue Massage Different than Other Types of Massage?

Many of the movements and techniques used in deep tissue massage are similar to those used in Swedish or relaxation massage. The difference is in the amount of pressure which will be more substantial and concentrated on the regions of stiffness and pain.


Although the massage strokes are similar, the movement is slower and more vigorous. Most people experience some discomfort and uneasiness at various spots during the massage. It’s critical to alert the therapist if they strike a vulnerable region or if any discomfort you feel is beyond your tolerance. The massage therapy session can become intense at times due to the concentrated pressure and nature of the session.


After a deep tissue massage, there may be some stiffness or discomfort, but this should go away within a day or two. After the deep tissue massage, the massage therapist may recommend applying ice or heat to the affected area.

Why Should you Engage a Certified Therapist to Give you A Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep muscle massage is not just applying firm pressure to an area. Instead, the massage therapist has to take care of a lot of things. If not done correctly, it can cause pain and discomfort instead of relaxation. A certified massage therapist is essential to address the painful areas perfectly.

Why should Phoenix Massage And Wellness YYC be Your Top Choice for Calgary's Best Deep Tissue Massage?

At Phoenix Massage and Wellness YYC, we have certified and experienced deep tissue massage therapists. The clean, safe, professional, and relaxing environment gives you peace of mind each time you come in. If you are quite athletic, had a busy week, and need assistance with your sore muscles, visit Phoenix Massage and Wellness YYC to get the best deep tissue massage in Calgary.