Benefits of Massage for Children and Students of All Ages
Benefits of Massage for Children and Students of All Ages Massage therapy has been around for centuries thousands of years even. It has been a part of ancient civilizations and cultures and is still practiced today as it offers a therapeutic release from the stresses and strains of everyday life. It is not just busy working adults that benefit from massage therapy. Child massage has become common practice and has
Benefits of Reflexology
Benefits of Reflexology on The Body and Mind Within the last few decades, modern medicine has evolved beyond measure. Biomedical scientists, doctors, physicians, surgeons, nurses, paramedics, and other health professionals have been required more than they were, say 30 years ago. As new developments in medicine arrive, modern practices continue to develop. Researchers are constantly seeking new and improved ways to battle fatal diseases and illnesses such as various cancers,
Supportive Therapy and Counselling for Health Workers
How Supportive Therapy and Counselling Can Help Health Workers? Mental health is extremely important for all of us, but for those who work on the frontline, this is even more the case. Police officers, social workers and those in the health sector face considerable pressures in their everyday working lives. These can take a toll on their health, but also on the wellbeing of their families. Therefore it’s important to
Anxiety Counselling during this Pandemic
How Can Anxiety Counselling Help During this Pandemic? Anxiety is an illness that affects at least one in every ten Canadians. It is a serious health problem that can have a lot of harmful consequences in your life. If you suffer from the symptoms of anxiety, you may have experienced some of these before.   However, coronavirus has pushed Calgary, Canada, and the rest of the world into one of
Reopening Announcement!
Reopening Announcement! We are excited to announce that we will be reopening on Monday June 22nd, 2020. Online bookings will start on Monday June 15th.   We are opening, but it is not business as usual. We continue to monitor this situation and follow the guidance of Alberta Health Services, the City of Calgary, and the regulatory boards that govern Massage Therapists.   We are very much committed to the