Benefits of Massage for Children and Students of All Ages

Benefits of Massage for Children and Students of All Ages

Massage therapy has been around for centuries thousands of years even. It has been a part of ancient civilizations and cultures and is still practiced today as it offers a therapeutic release from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

It is not just busy working adults that benefit from massage therapy. Child massage has become common practice and has been for many years now. As well as the countless therapeutic benefits, children can benefit from various types of massage, including sports massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, head massage, and Swedish/relaxation massage, to name a few. Massage for children can help with mental health challenges such as anxiety, stress, and even depression. As well as the mental health benefits, child massage therapy also helps with muscle tension and aids in better sleep due to the relaxing qualities associated with it.

More and more students are now inclined to take up massage therapy to help with stress relief and gain clarity before exams. Massage therapy is a better, healthier way to improve the mental health of students rather than resorting to high-sugar drinks, coffee, or addictive pills. This doesn’t only apply to college or university students, but adult students too. Students are learning to reap the benefits of massage, and so are those working full-time.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, children as young as three years old benefit from massage. Toddler massage promotes healthy growth and develops a strong bond between mother and child when applied regularly. There is a theory originating from India that massage on young toddlers helps with skeletal strength and development. Regardless, massage is often recommended for mothers of premature babies as it does help with the
relaxation of the muscles and promotes better circulation. Even very young babies receiving massage therapy will benefit from the added release of endorphins. Endorphins, also known as the ‘happy hormone,’ are often released by the recipient’s brain during massage therapy due to the relaxing qualities involved in the procedure. All of which play a huge contributing factor towards positive mental health.

Parents are becoming more aware of the benefits and procedures involved with child massage. Unlike adult massage, child massage therapy sessions are elementary and easy for parents to apply at home. Often, unless part of a procedure advised by a specialist or physician, child massage can be performed in a very light, rhythmic pattern. Aromatherapy oils and other scents are often added to create a calming atmosphere and make the experience more relaxing.

For any parent or caregiver of a young child or toddler, understanding the benefits of massage for your young ones can be of great importance. Should you feel that your child would benefit from massage therapy, feel free to ask your practitioner at your next visit for tips and guidance. The same applies to students and busy working professionals. The benefits of massage therapy are endless and can potentially be life-changing for those who need it most.

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