How Can Anxiety Counselling Help During this Pandemic?

Anxiety is an illness that affects at least one in every ten Canadians. It is a serious health problem that can have a lot of harmful consequences in your life. If you suffer from the symptoms of anxiety, you may have experienced some of these before.


However, coronavirus has pushed Calgary, Canada, and the rest of the world into one of the most chaotic periods in recent history. This means that ordinary concerns and worries have been amplified over the past few months. Finances, food, travel, education. All areas of life have been affected. And for those with anxiety, this will be an even more difficult time.


In this blog post, we will share more details about what anxiety is and the steps you can take to deal with your Anxiety  appropriately.

Anxiety Counselling during this Pandemic

The 4 Types Of Anxiety In Calgary

There are four main types of anxiety disorders. Each one affects you in different ways. It’s important to be aware of which Anxiety Disorder you’re suffering from so that you can deal with it in the most effective way.

1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, occurs when anxiety appears as a constant feature of your life and is always present. This kind of anxiety is normally expressed by a frequent feeling of unease, and worrying about a variety of subjects, such as money and wellbeing.

4 types of anxiety

2. Panic or Anxiety Attacks

Panic attacks, or anxiety attacks, are a more violent form of anxiety, which can take place rapidly and unexpectedly. Often, your body will display a selection of symptoms such as an increased heart rate, shaking, perspiration, and you may struggle to breathe. Because of the severity of these experiences, those who suffer from them can develop long-term anxiety as a result of worrying about the next attack.

2. Phobias

Phobias are very specific forms of anxiety that are triggered by an intense fear or loathing of a particular situation or object. Many of these have been documented, and they can cover common circumstances or more unusual ones. But the responses are similarly strong for each phobia.

4. Social Anxiety Disorder

The other major type of anxiety is social anxiety disorder. This expresses itself whenever a person is around groups of people or has to interact with others in a public environment. The symptoms of social anxiety include worrying about what others are thinking of you and being nervous during a social event. Sometimes social anxiety can appear several days before an event takes place. This can be a particularly challenging form of anxiety because it can lead to isolation and loneliness.


There is also an underlying feature that appears within all of these types, and that is the feeling of anxiety as an emotion. This is what a sensation of deep unease typically reflects.


But now, we will turn to a discussion of what can be done to manage your anxiety.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Dealing with anxiety involves recognizing it, accepting it, and then coming up with ways to prevent it from taking over your everyday life. There are many ways to treat anxiety disorders and some of them are referred to below.

1. Pulling your thoughts back

To start with, pulling your thoughts back into what’s taking place right now can stop the mind from spiraling into doubt and fear. This means not dwelling excessively on the past or the future, just on what you’re doing right now. By doing this, you can ward off an anxiety attack by not overthinking the situation you’re dealing with.

Anxiety Disorder Treatments

2. Breathing Exercises

Beyond that, breathing exercises can be extremely useful in bringing comfort and relaxation to the body. When you regulate your breathing, you have no choice but to focus on what’s happening in the present, and your body will usually slow down too.

3. Disrupt a negative thought process

Also, you can take action to disrupt a negative thought process. This could mean exercising, doing some housework, gardening, or spending time with family and friends. Any tasks you can do that move you away from the negative feelings.


However, if your anxiety is not going away, then counselling in Calgary may be your best option.

Anxiety Counselling In Calgary

The causes of anxiety will differ for everyone, and sometimes simple changes are not enough to resolve the core issues. Anxiety counselling in Calgary can enable you to discover the reasons why you are feeling anxious and to develop strategies to overcome it in collaboration with your counsellor for anxiety.


Our team of Counselling specialists are here to listen. We offer online counselling sessions for anyone in need. You can click here to make an appointment or contact Phoenix Massage and Wellness for any questions.