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At Phoenix Massage & Wellness, we provide our clients with the chance to start a new chapter in their lives. We created a centre where your wellness is our only concern. We will provide you with a platform to connect with your mind, body and soul through our massages and counselling. With our support, you will feel liberated to take the next step with your life. 

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Meet Our Registered Massage Therapists

Fay Allison, RMT

Fay Allison, RMT

Fay graduated from the Makami 3000 hour program and is certified in Dynamic Cupping as well.

“At some point we all suffer with pain which our body holds onto in many ways. Whether it’s everyday stress, injuries, or illness; your pain is as unique as you are. We will work together to create a treatment plan that best suits your needs.”

Fay is very excited to continue her education, broaden her scope of practice, and integrate different modalities to provide the greatest benefit for new and existing clients.

“Let’s work together to create harmony within.”

"I have to be honest. I don’t like trying new massage places. It’s hard to find a therapist that does a deep tissue massage with as much pressure as I like but I thought I would give Phoenix a try. From the minute a got there I felt very welcomed by your lovely receptionist. I picked Fay for my massage and I couldn’t have been more pleased. She gives a great massage and asked me several times how the pressure was as I told her that was a past issue. I will for sure be back to book another appointment with Fay. It wonderful to have you in my neighborhood and I hope you are here for a long time to come."
Lorene Kaufmann
Bill Bienz, RMT

Bill Bienz, RMT

William "Bill" Bienz has worked in therapeutic rehabilitation throughout his entire adult life, and he's been a registered massage therapist in Alberta since 2006. He specializes in therapeutic massage and practices reflexology and laser therapy. His goal is to help people get better and stay that way for the long term.

Originally from the United States, Bill moved to Canada in 2006 and has lived happily with his wife and children in Airdrie since 2007. When not at work, he can be found enjoying the Alberta ballet and arguing with people who believe that "Star Wars" is better than "Star Trek."

"Beautiful new space!!! Owner and staff incredibly friendly. Must visit!!!"
Michelle Johnson
Chase Dach, RMT

Chase Dach, RMT

Chase began his endeavour into the Holistic arts at 16 when he started training to become an Agape Spiritual Healer; a modality that utilizes Higher Essence Healing energetics, anointing techniques, life-essence containing essential oils, and the theories of great minds like Einstein and Tesla to allow release, and entrainment to an optimal state.

Chase received his Diploma of Massage Therapy from MacEwan University in June, 2019 where he studied Orthopaedic Assessment and techniques like Trigger-Point Therapy, Fascial Release, PNF, Hydrotherapy, Prenatal, Swedish, and Deep Tissue Massage.

Chase has also completed a Hospice Care certification from Pilgrims Hospice Society where he will continue to volunteer with patients that are at the end of life and lacking support.

Throughout these opportunities, Chase has been studying the balance and harmony between all levels of the being, and hopes to be able to share this as he continues his journey into Osteopathic Medicine at the Canadian Institute of Osteopathic Therapy. It is Chase's mission to create a client experience that balances the spiritual and emotional facets of who we are, with physical and assessment-based medicine.

"Very friendly staff. The location is new and extremely clean. Thanks for the massage!"
Mark Sackney
Stephen Novero, RMT

Stephen Novero, RMT

Stephen graduated from the 3000 hour - Advanced Massage Therapy program at Makami College. Before becoming a Professional and Registered Massage Therapist, Stephen spent over 13 years in the Cruise Ship industry where he had the wonderful opportunity to see the world and work with many different nationalities and ethnicities.

Stephen’s goal was to become a Massage Therapist so that he could ensure his client’s satisfaction at all times. He is passionate and proud of the skills he has gained to help his clients achieve a better, healthier lifestyle.

"Highly recommend Phoenix Massage and Wellness! I had a session with Stephen who did a fantastic job with a therapeutic massage. Looking forward to my next session!"
Ashleigh, RMT

Ashleigh, RMT

Ashleigh graduated from the 2200 massage therapy program from Professional Institute of Massage therapy and has been working in the field ever since. Passionate in her role contributing to the wellness of all clients, using her vast education and natural ability to help people overcome injuries and in their journey to a full recovery. Her skill set includes techniques and modalities such as Hot Stone therapy, Deep tissue, Sports, therapeutic and relaxation massage. She especially likes working with Myofascial release and stretching techniques to improve range of motion and help reduce pain.

“My husband and I each had the opportunity to have a massage session with Ashleigh. She was great! She was attentive to our tension areas and made sure we were comfortable throughout the appointment. She even made sure to mention what stretches would be helpful to loosen up our tight muscles and shared some after-massage care tips! Looking forward to our next massage appointments at Phoenix!”
Safina and Adnane Benchekroune
Julia, RMT

Julia, RMT

Julia graduated from the Robertson College 2200 hour Advanced Massage Therapy program, focusing on Swedish/ relaxation treatments as well as incorporating deep tissue techniques.

Julia is keen on developing specific treatment plans for clients in order to not only provide a relaxing treatment, but to connect the mind and body.

When not working, you can find Julia spending time with her family and friends, volunteering with Alberta Health Services and enjoying hikes in the mountains.

“Julia is a great massage therapist. She really listens to what you ask for, as well as incorporates what she thinks you need to help improve your day to day life! She’s got great pressure and adjusts quickly If asked to! She is awesome!”
Dave Taylor

Meet Our Counselling Specialists

Immy Kassam, Student Counsellor
Mental Health Certificate

Immy Kassam, Student Counsellor

BA Criminal Justice; Student of Applied Psychology and Professional Counselling

You are definitely not alone. In this present day, we are more alike than at any other time. We all have a past, and we all have the present to make the most of our experiences and propel forward. My goal is to help you make sense of everything that’s going on around you; in your personal life, your work life, and your relationships. Our emotions and mental health are running double time given our new reality and that is perfectly normal. The trick is to keep those feelings in check, to slow them down, to dissect them and learn from them. My hope and intention are to speak with as many individuals as I can because together, we will move forward towards the light, at the end of the tunnel.

My background includes a 12-year career in Law Enforcement with a focus on Criminal Justice, Community Supervision, Addictions, and Mental Health. Being in the field of law enforcement for that many years takes a toll emotionally and mentally. In 2015 I retired from law enforcement to focus on myself and my family. It was a difficult decision and took some time to adjust, but looking back it was the best decision I made. I am now a student of Applied Psychology, and Professional Counselling through KCPC (Kelowna College of Professional Counselling) and this summer will hold the designation of Registered Professional Counsellor.

I have also been through and outlasted depression, anxiety, separation and divorce. And just as the mythological Phoenix burns itself and rises again from its ashes; I live that as my truth day in and day out and believe anyone can do the same with the right supports, guidance, and direction.

‘Rise into the present, with the experience of your past’ – Immy Kassam

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Immy for nearly 20 years, and what I can say is that he is one of the most compassionate, understanding, and level headed people I know. He has always been a good sounding board for me, especially when it came to navigating interpersonal relationships. He has the ability to reason with logic which helps people understand and work through difficult situations where emotions are running high. This is important because we tend not to look at things in perspective during heightened states of stress and emotion. Much like everyone else, he has gone through his own trials and tribulations, however, his resiliency is contagiously inspirational. He has navigated through his own ebbs and flows and can related to others who have/are going through the same thing. Everyone needs to take care of their mental health, and Immy is a great individual to assist those that require that help. He is a great listener and will offer up strategies to cope so that you can move forward with your life while coping with whatever struggles you are going through. I highly recommend visiting him."
T. Alibhai, BA
Edmonton Police Service, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Child Protection Section